Different people have different ways of relaxing and unwinding and for some time I've had a few friends recommending heading to the shooting range to let off some steam.  After this weekend, I get it. 

This was my second time firing guns at the shooting range, but it was a really good time.  The first time was about seven years ago on a business trip.  It was included as our entertainment and a way for us to remember the trip.

I don't own firearms so it wasn't a big push for me to get back, but I've had a couple friends tell me I should get back again and give it a shot.  This weekend, that became a reality.

I met up with my buddy at Independence Indoor Shooting and I was impressed by the whole experience.  A safety waiver, a handgun rental, some ammo purchased, and a safety briefing and I was back at the range.

My buddy started off first, having shot more recently and having brought his own guns.  I jumped in next with a couple missteps started to get the hang of loading my magazines and taking aim at my target.

I really enjoyed it.

In fact, I would have been totally in to staying later (and even jumped back out to the store to buy a second box of ammo).

I know there are strong opinions on guns but I appreciate the focus on safety and understanding and a place to enjoy some downtime with a somewhat unusual activity.

I'm ready to go back for another round soon.


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