Did I ever tell you about the time I was an FBI Agent?  Probably not since it just happened last night, and it was only in an escape game, but man it was fun, and I can't wait to do another one. 

If you're new to the escape game world, it's a pretty universal concept no matter where you go.  You and your group (typically 2 to 12 people) enter a room and are "locked-in" until you can solve puzzles and challenges that unlock clues and lead you to unlock your "escape."

In truth, the doors are never truly locked, to the room, but you do have to solve to win the game.  The puzzles and challenges can be quite basic and somewhat obvious to far more challenging, which leads to you questioning yourself and trying to figure out what might go together and what might be a false lead.  Add the ever-present countdown clock, and the pressure is on, and real.

This could be a great activity for a date night, with a few couples, team-building with work, or just getting together with friends.  That was our model and it was really good to have a few minutes to catch up and then dive straight into problem-solving.

One nice perk, at most Treasure Valley locations I've looked into, as long as you have a minimum of four or six players, you can make your session private to keep it to your own group.  Many also allow kids to be part of it if you go private with your grouping.

It was a blast, and even though we were about 3 minutes short of solving it, everyone in our group took it seriously and wants to do another one.  They are a little pricey, and the downside is you have one shot at each room you play, so I'm thinking it might be a monthly thing.

I highly recommend getting an escape room into your plans in the near future.





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