A lot of us know it's illegal to feed wild animals in Idaho. From disrupting their digestion to triggering their sense of security, it's a bad idea. But do you know why feeding a wild moose is especially dangerous?

Aren't moose friendlier than most wild animals?

There's no such thing as a "friendly" moose. 

A moose might appear friendlier and more approachable than their skiddish, quick-to-flee cousin, the deer, but that's only because they're not afraid of humans. 

What do they have to fear? Idaho Fish & Game says a fully grown Idaho bull can stand as tall six feet at their shoulder, and weigh up to 1,600 pounds. 

When Moose Kill

Moose, unlike their dear deer relatives, aren't typically scared of humans and may not flee in their presence. If taunted, teased, or provoked, however, moose can become triggered when protecting their young or territory.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Can you defend yourself against a moose?

A random guy named Dennis in a Quora message board said it best.

You lose a fight with a moose. A moose is huge and powerful and has four hard hooves and a pair of antlers. You are small and squishy and have no natural weapons. Unless you have a rifle, this is one fight you won’t win.

Speakin' truth to moose power, Dennis. No wonder you have 2.2 million content views. 

So, what's the moral of this moose story? 

Unless you're a licensed hunter with a moose tag, don't approach the potentially moody Idaho moose. That's a fight you're not going to win, friend. 

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