Summertime means it’s time for the kids to get out of school and find ways to occupy their time in the Treasure Valley. Working parents can relate to the struggle that comes with worrying about what your kids are up to, who they are hanging out with, or where they are hanging out.

It’s an unfortunate reality but it’s true – the world isn’t as safe as it used to be and one of the biggest defenses we, as parents can have, is knowledge. As the old saying goes: knowledge is power. Thanks to a map from the Idaho State Police, parents can feel a little better knowing where registered sex offenders live. This is especially important if your child intends on going to a friend’s house, hanging out in certain neighborhoods, and so on.

We searched within a five-mile radius of our radio station here in Boise and there are 489 registered offenders within that radius. When using the address of the Meridian post office we found 283 registered offenders within a five-mile radius of the post office. It’s uneasy to think about but the silver lining here is that they’re registered and we as parents know where they are located.

Google Maps via
Google Maps via

Idaho State Police bring up a valid point and it’s an important one to note – knowing where the offenders are is intended to help us protect our children and to harass or intimidate these offenders. You can check the address of your home or work here to see how many offenders are registered in your area.

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