No doubt, The Bandit and our little game that can give you $5000 can be quite frustrating.  It takes creative thinking, patience, and persistence.  It also can change someone's life. 


I'm not just talking about the person winning the $5000 either.  Over the last few years, every time we've played the game, there have been friendships built out of partnerships, people getting to know our community even better as they searched across the Treasure Valley.

We even had a donated kidney that started with this crazy Bandit game.

Now, this year, one of the Bandit Facebook groups has a member dealing with a difficult situation with her 14 year-old son.  He's been through some intense surgery for a genetic condition, and his single mom is struggling to keep up.

Jonetta South
Jonetta South

His mom shares on the GoFundMe:

I am a single mother with two grown children out of the nest and my third and youngest is now post op. He had a total colectomy, meaning that his large colon and rectum was removed during a 12+ hr surgery. They used his small intestine to make a j-pouch to replace the rectum. He has a temporary ileostomy so that his newly created rectum has time to heal. This means in 6-8 weeks he'll need a second surgery for the takedown of the ileostomy.

I think most of us can empathize with not just the difficulty of what it would be like to have our child in trouble, but also how a catastrophic medical situation could put us in a very difficult (if not critical) situation financially.

If you would like to check out the GoFundMe for more of the story, or to make a gift, just click the button below.

No pressure, but if you feel led, I know it would be appreciated.




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