Do you remember the feeling when your parents told you, "it's a snow day!" Pure joy, right? That meant staying in pj's and watching cartoons and not having any homework. See, I never had one of those days...until I moved to Idaho. Granted, it wasn't school that was called off for me. However, I got the same joy when my boss told the whole room to go home. It. was. awesome.

So, what has to happen in order for us, and our kiddos, to enjoy a much deserved 'snow day'? KTVB talked to officials with the Boise School District to find out.

According to KTVB, the number one factor schools take into consideration is safety. Ice on the roads is looked at as the "most dangerous winter weather condition." That ice obviously makes the roads unsafe to drive on, but it also makes it dangerous for students and staff to walk on sidewalks, which makes schools seriously consider calling off school. Snowfall and cold temperatures are other factors when schools are deciding whether or not to call it.

School districts also get out on the roads to take a first-hand look at the conditions, and also consult with different departments, like transportation agencies, weather bureau, and law enforcement to make their final decision.

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