Matthew McConaughey is one of the most accomplished actors in Hollywood. He recently told the world that he would not be running for governor of Texas. When he's not tipping his toes into politics or cheering for his treasured Texas Longhorns Football team, the Oscar-winning actor is helping small businesses recover from the challenges of the pandemic.

Believe it or not, McConaughey is involved in a video series called Grit & Greenlights, a video platform highlighting the works of small businesses across the country. The Idaho State Journal reports that McConaughey interviewed a local Rupert-based Omega Roofing.  

According to the company's website, "they have a team of experienced roofers who know the ins and outs of any type or style of roof. With an honest inspection, we will help you determine what you need for your property."  Omega Roofing was featured in two YouTube videos featuring Zachary Sayles, which are included in this article. The first one is a lesson that most entrepreneurs expose when explaining their passion for working for themselves. The video is called 'Betting on Yourself.'

Sayles tells McConaughey in the video how it all began. "I knew I always believed in roofing. It's something that everyone needs." He continues revealing that his dad was a roofer, and he has been around the business for all of his life. A Utah company taught him and his partner Dylan Winmill how to sell roofing. Unfortunately, when Covid hit, the roofing company wanted them to move to Utah.

The duo both had new babies on the way and didn't want to uproot their families. They decided to work for themselves, telling McConaughey, "Let's quit, let's drop off our stuff and start our own business. And decided to bet on ourselves; our children were the catapult for that."

Omega's business has boomed since the two worked for themselves. The company commits itself to help those in their community. They recently partnered with a local church, putting a new roof for a woman in need. Their slogan is to treat everyone's home as if it's their parent's home. With a slogan like that, the sky is the limit for Omega Roofing.

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