California is in big trouble. No, we're not reporting on the state's massive deficits, the influx of illegal aliens, or the restrictive Covid restrictions. California is heading for the big one. With all due respect to the Fred Sanford, the big one is a massive earthquake that has been over one hundred years in the making.

Scientists say that the golden state will be hit with an earthquake that will kill thousands. Published reports say that this earthquake could trigger a massive tsunami to wipe out the Oregon and Washington Coasts.

How Big Is Too Big?

Yahoo News says that the earthquake predicted to hit the San Francisco Bay area would have 'a force equal to hundreds of atomic bombs.'  The Bay Area is one of the most populous regions of the world. It's also home to America's heartland of tech Silicon Valley.  

The report originally published in USA Today paints a scary scenario for those who survive the initial quake.  'The experts who worked on the projects are highly confident the West Coast could at any moment face disasters with the destructive power to kill hundreds or thousands of people and forever change the lives of millions more. They also say there's more that can be done to keep individuals – and society – safer.'

The report is part of the Haywired Scenario.  Although not everyone is convinced that a major quake will happen in San Francisco.  The Yahoo report cites the United States Geological Survey conveying only a fifty-one percent chance of a major quake in the next thirty years.

An Oregon Tsunami?

The New York Times reported three weeks ago that scientists feared a major quake in the  Cascadia subduction zone, would kill thousands.  The Oregon Coast doesn't have barricades to protect Oregonians from the initial sea wall that would block the wall of water coming from the Pacific Ocean.  The area doesn't have a large road system that would be needed to handle a mass evacuation.

How Bad?

From the New York Times article, 'The Cascadia fault off the Pacific Northwest coast is poised for a massive, 9.0-magnitude earthquake at some point, scientists say, a rupture that would propel a wall of water across much of the Northwest coast within minutes. Low-lying coastal neighborhoods in Washington, Oregon and Northern California would be under 10 feet or more of water, with the elementary school in Ocean Shores, Wash., facing an inundation that could be 23 feet deep.'

It is important to note in both states, scientists say that it is not a question of if, but when these quakes will occur.  Let's pray that they're wrong for the sake of so many of our fellow Americans.

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