Did you ever believe that public prayer would be considered controversial in America? For years, politicians, teachers, and coaches have prayed before an event or an athletic competition. Perhaps, you've heard of stories of individuals who've stood up against local governments demanding their right to pray.

The Constitution's First Amendment guarantees every American the right to worship freely. Some local, regional, and national organizations have begun to restrict public prayer citing the alleged separation of church and state. And that's how a former high school football coach finds himself before the United States Supreme Court suing a school district that he says released him due to his commitment to public prayer.

Joe Kennedy is a former high school football coach who used to coach at Bremerton High School in Washington State. The coach has become a national figure in America's Culture Wars. Kennedy told several news outlets that he was asked not to lead his players in prayer. He complied by praying on his own, but that wasn't good enough for the school officials who did not renew his contract.

The former assistant coach has taken seven years to have his case heard before the United States Supreme Court. He tells ESPN that his fight has gained the attention of President Trump, Senator Ted Cruz as well as current and former NFL players.  

The Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision on this case in June.

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