Who doesn't love a massage? My husband, actually. But he's a weirdo and doesn't count. Massages are so beneficial for stress and pain relief. A good massage can help you unwind on a deeper level and even be meditative. So the hunt for a massage therapist can be tricky. Don't want to end up with someone who's too chatty or bad with their hands. I turned to the good folks of the Treasure Valley for insight on their favorite place to get a massage.

I threw the open ask on Facebook. I figure if there were overlapping answers from several different locals, that would be the place to try. Vitality Massage in Star was a common answer. I cross checked on Yelp and found just one review from back in 2015:

"Just had my second massage by Melinda at Vitality Massage in Star; AMAZING! I plan to see her on a regular basis to keep my body in check ;) Melinda is very comfortable to work with, knowledgeable and skilled in her area. I get an honest, genuine vibe from her and would recommend her to everyone! Her massages are customized to what the customer wants, in addition to her recommendations about the areas she feels need to be worked. Another great feature; Melinda also offers mobile massage, so she will travel to you for convenience.  Five stars all the way, and her prices are excellent for the work she provides." - Buffy S.

Despite the review being so old, the fact that this was a recommendation I was receiving now was enough for me to book. The online booking system can be wonky to work, so that was slightly frustrating. But once you figure it out it's easy. Melinda is seemingly the only therapist that works there, but finding an appointment time wasn't difficult.

The building itself is smaller and cozy with eclectic decor. Reminds me of how sitcoms and movies depict shops in a small town. Immediately Melinda greeted me and got down to business, in the nicest way. Which I liked. Too much small talk makes me anxious. Like the 2015 review mentioned, she customized the massage to my specifications. I love a full force deep tissue massage and that's what I got.

No idle chatter to disrupt the experience. Just 90 minutes of tension and stress being released from my body via magical hands. There were oils and soaked hot towels of some sort. Aromas that at one point lifted my consciousness out of my body? Seriously, I felt like I was hovering above myself for a while there. I could have stayed on the table for another 90 minutes or the rest of my life.

I already booked my next massage, which was easier this time because I got to do it in person. Counting down the days.

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