The Black Friday crowds have dispersed, but it's still expected to be a busy holiday shopping season overall, and the stores will be crowded all the way until Christmas.

But the experts say the lightest crowds of the season will be found this Wednesday, December 4th. If you hate crowds, that's the day to shop!

How was your Black Friday shopping experience? I went to the big Door Buster sale at Walmart Thursday night at 6, and it was a big fat fail for me! Here's why I didn't do well.

My big mistake was failing to plan ahead. I went to the store thinking I'd grab a few DVDs and a Blu Ray player, but missed the detail that the Blu Ray player I wanted was going on sale at 8pm, not 6pm. Whoops! So I worked my way through the elbow-room-only crowd only to find a store employee guarding the stack of Blu Ray players and turning away shoppers who had jumped the gun. And I couldn't find the DVDs on sale in the huge crowd and I could barely move, so I left! I happened to be up at 1am, so I went back at that point and there were two Blu Ray players left. So I lucked out by waiting and going later.

If you don't like crowds, there are a few days next week that are supposed to have light traffic in stores. Next Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are expected to be just semi-crowded, and among the least-crowded days of the season. The Saturday before Christmas will see the heaviest traffic.

Today of course, is Cyber Monday, but I hear many of the sales from the big stores will run all week. Happy shopping!