Are Grizzly Bears Bullies?

According to one source, they're not just bullies. Grizzlies are the a**holes of the animal kingdom.

Cater Clips // YouTube
Cater Clips // YouTube

Lana Cooper is the author of Delightfully Dysfunctional, a pop culture blog rife with crude humor and "bottom-feeding attempts at intellectualism." In her 2010 post, Bears are A**holes, Cooper nails Grizzlies for their ornery nature and "douche bear" tendencies.

Bears are a**holes. [...] It seems [Grizzlies] are one of the few animals that will attack and eat humans regardless of whether or not they’re hungry. Wolves don’t do that. Hell, even lions or tigers don’t do that, and you don’t really encounter them as much as you would bears. —Cooper


Cooper's take on the Grizzly's bad bear attitude transcends reality in her criticism of iconic cartoon character, Yogi Bear. Once you remove the collar, the tie, and the green hat, Cooper rightfully points out Yogi's mischievous schemes and picnic basket pilfering lose their comedic charm. Shout-out to the witty writer for saying what we've all been thinking since 1958.

Back to Reality: experts weigh in on grizzly matters

Oddly enough, even the Grizzly bear's scientific name, "Ursus arctos horribilis," makes them sound like jerks. Native to North America, Grizzlies are like a drunk guy at a bar with something to prove. Experts at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department can attest to the Grizzly's unpredictable temperament, and their petulant, impulsive behavior.

Being cranky is one thing. But according to Yellowstone Bear World, it's the apex predator's moody disposition coupled with its superhuman physical strength and powerful biting force that make it one of the most lethal creatures in the wild. Curious to know what that looks like in action? Check out what a Grizzly bear did to an unsuspecting bison in Yellowstone in the pics below!

Grizzly Bear & Bison Come to Blows in Yellowstone Brawl [pics + video]

ICYMI: Grizzlies are the a**holes of the animal kingdom, lol. Scroll on to see why!

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