They are our most precious cargo, but sometimes those car seats are harder to get set up than expected.  The Meridian Fire Department will check them for free to make sure all is good. 

I remember setting up the first seat in one of our cars when my son was born almost 12 years ago.  The directions were somewhat unclear, and the stress over if I was doing it right and his safety was higher than I expected it to be.

Fortunately, in our community, there is a option that is available year-round to ensure you have things set up exactly how they should be, and it's not something that you can find just anywhere.

Meridian is unique in it's requirement that firefighter recruits are certified as car seat technicians when they join the department.  That means that have to have undertaken about 30 hours of specific formal training in the world of car seats.

Meridian's car seat technicians checked 286 child passenger seats last year according to CBS 2, and Meridian Fire recommends monthly checks even if parents feel they mastered the directions well.

According to CBS 2's story, Meridian Fire says about 93% of seats on the road have some problem with their installation.

The next formal car seat safety event is coming up on February 13th, but Meridian Fire also makes themselves available by appointment anytime throughout the year.

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