This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have some really good friends in town from Seattle. We did the typical things that you would expect like going out for delicious meals that we love here in the Treasure Valley, and doing fun activities like going axe throwing or putting on roller skates.

While we had lots of fun on Saturday night putting on skates after about an hour all of our legs got tired and we needed a little more of an adult activity so we looked for a place to have an adult beverage. We quickly googled pictures and found a place that looked really nice so we walked a few blocks to 'Craft Lounge', it was tremendous!

It took us a second to realize we had the right door for Craft Lounge as it is set up like a speakeasy. The main door entrance says 'Janitor's Closet - Employee's Only', then you get inside and it's intimate and classy. The cocktails were delicious and the staff was very friendly. This could easily become my new favorite Nampa bar, and it's one you should definitely check out for yourself.

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