George Miller recently spoke about Furiosa, the next entry in the Mad Max franchise. It’s going to be difficult to follow up after the massive success that was Mad Max: Fury Road, but Miller already has some great concepts in mind. Fury Road's unique storytelling adopted a method of dropping hints here and there. We didn’t know much about Furiosa, but we were left with just enough breadcrumbs about her past to be invested in what was happening on-screen.

Furiosa will tell us more about Charlize Theron’s character’s history, and how she found herself in the situation she was in during the events of Fury Road. In Furiosa, the character will be played by Anya Taylor-Joy. It’s a prequel of sorts, but it’s still likely to be a pulse-pounding action film that anyone can jump into and enjoy. George Miller recently spoke to The AV Club to talk about how exactly he’s going to make that happen. He said:

When we wrote Mad Max, the task was to tell a story that was always on the run and to see how much the audience could pick up in passing. That was one of the tricks of Mad Max: Fury Road, that there would be references to things of where she’s from, why they’re doing things, but it was always on the run. There were very few moments of quiet. We never explained how she lost her arm. We never explain what the actual Green Place Of Many Mothers was. We never explained the workings of the Citadel. So we had the screenplay virtually complete before we shot Fury Road, and we did it because it arose out of wanting to explain to everybody who Furiosa was—to Charlize when she took on the role, and to all the actors and the designers and everybody else working on the Citadel and so on.


Miller explained that the script was so good that he would tell himself “if Fury Road works, I’d really like to tell this story.” And here we are with him actually directing.

He also said that “in telling each other the story of Furiosa, everything in Fury Road had to be explained. In my mind, I have a back story of the Doof Warrior, who plays the guitar. How could a blind man who all he can do is play a guitar, how does he get to survive in a wasteland where everybody is in extremis? How did he come to be there? So we wrote little stories for every character when we made Fury Road.”

Furiosa is currently scheduled for release on May 24, 2024. Miller better make a Doof Warrior movie next.

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