With Idaho being the fastest-growing state in the entire galaxy (we're pretty sure), you're bound to run into people who think they're knowledgeable about our fare state. However, living in Idaho for a matter of minutes does not an expert make.

We're here to clear up a few common misconceptions about the Gem State that everyone seems to get wrong continually. Know someone who's new to Idaho, or planning on visiting? Make sure they check out this list so they're in the know:


Idaho Isn't Iowa

Idaho was the 43rd state added to the United States, way back in 1890. Iowa is the 29th state, formed in 1846.


Idaho Isn't Iowa

Idaho is located in the Pacific Northwest, sharing a small northern border with British Columbia, Canada. Iowa is literally over 1,000 miles away in the middle of nowhere.


Idaho Isn't Iowa

Idaho is home to big-time celebrities, including actor Aaron Paul and olympian Peekaboo Street. Iowa's most notable name is Miss Piggy (Yes, we're serious. Google it.)


Idaho Isn't Iowa

Idaho is well known for its natural beauty, state parks, and incredible views. Iowa is known for (they claim) inventing sliced bread. We have our doubts.


Idaho Isn't Iowa

Idaho is famous for potatoes. Iowa is famous for corn. Big difference. You can make way more stuff with potatoes.


Anything we missed? Let us know on Facebook! The last thing we want is new folks moving to Idaho with misinformation about our lovely home. Even worse, random trolls on the internet getting it wrong for the masses to read.

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