It’s that time of year again, for a night filled with drinks, laughter, dancing and debauchery. 

You’ve guessed it: MARDI GRAS 2022, in Boise. 


A Little History

Mardi Gras, which is French for Fat Tuesday, dates back to medieval Europe.

It is a Christian holiday, known as the final day before Lent (also known as Ash Wednesday). This is why people indulge in food and drink on Tuesday, because once Wednesday starts, they are required to abstain for religious purposes. 

Over the years, this holiday has become infamous for its big parades, wild celebrations and delicious foods. 


What Does This Mean For Boise?

Last year there weren’t many businesses celebrating Fat Tuesday, due to the pandemic. 

However, we were excited to learn that this is not the case this year!

Various establishments around town are throwing parties tonight, so we decided to put together a guide for you: How to Celebrate Fat Tuesday in the Treasure Valley.


So throw on your party pants, grab your masks and wear your best purple, green and gold attire, because we’re celebrating in style.

Get Your Party Pants On: How to Celebrate Fat Tuesday in Boise!

Mardi Gras is tonight... get ready for a good time in the Treasure Valley.

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