Why do people love old barns?

Like our elderly neighbor next door, old barns have a storied history that captures our hearts and imaginations. A tangible connection to our past, they remind us of simpler times gone by.


Photo by Kelcy Gatson on Unsplash
Photo by Kelcy Gatson on Unsplash


Barns are a tie to Idaho heritage. 

Built by scratch from wood, stone, and sweat, these aging beauties are a testament to the times when a family's land was their livelihood.

Our ancestors knew the difference between surviving and thriving was hard, honest work and ingenuity. There were no safety nets or no subsidies. They lived with intention and left nothing to chance or destiny.

It was an honorable way to live.


Photo by Matt Benson on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Benson on Unsplash


Barn craftsmanship is fascinating. 

Even if they tried, we doubt today's builders could duplicate the enduring whimsical beauty of a weathered barn.

In the age of mass production and automation, few things are built to last anymore. The buildings and furnishings of yesterday are standing the test of time, peppering yard sales and antique stores around the world.

Meanwhile, we'll be lucky if the IKEA sectional we just bought will survive the next five years of our kids lives.



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