Marilyn Monroe must have loved Idaho. She chose to film several films here. One of them, 1956's "Bus Stop," was a comedy adaptation of the musical with the same name. It certainly wouldn't be a comedy today because this is a film that doesn't age well. A good portion of the film was filmed in Ketchum, Idaho, near Sun Valley. It was supposed to be Montana in the movie, but Marilyn liked this beautiful location better. They found an old general store called the North Fork Store that they thought would be the perfect setting for both the bus stop that the movie was named for and Grace's Diner.

The North Fork Store continued to operate as a general store on Highway 75 until a few years ago. After the building was set to be demolished, homeowners purchased the building and moved it onto their property. It was remodeled and turned into a guest house. What kind of property would be fitting to make this a guest house? A property with a huge main house and its own "party barn!"

We love the historic North Fork Store being on this particular property because while the new owners made it their own and completely remodeled it, you can tell that they respect the history. They made a new version of the iconic sign and kept the old one!

The property is gorgeous with beautiful landscaping, a hot tub, and ponds. If we had an extra $16 Million laying around, we would have already bought it.

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