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These 6 Mushrooms Are Unsuspecting Dangers in Idaho

Recently, a Death Cap mushroom was discovered in the North End of Boise. The mushroom is known globally as a poisonous mushroom that should never be consumed. These are not only dangerous to humans, but to pets as well. Curious about other Idaho mushrooms that need to be avoided? Here is a quick guide to some-- poisonous AND magical.

It's important to note that none of our photos or descriptions of these mushrooms, below, should be taken as official health advice. If you do not know what kind of mushroom you are dealing with, never eat it.

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Now one famous NFL quarterback from Idaho says that mushrooms can help you deal with depression and head injuries and improve your overall well-being. If those claims sound too good to be true, don't tell that to former Capital High School Quarterback Jake Plummer and his new company Umbro.

Jake has started the company with UFC fighting legend Rashad Evans and Del Jolly. Mr. Evans was a UFC Lightheavyweight Champion who was one of the sport's greatest champions. Mr. Jolly is the cofounder of Unlimited Sciences. The new company's goal is to promote the use of mushrooms for increased athletic and mental performance.

The website says that mushrooms can positively impact a person's well-being. 'Functional mushrooms helped us attain that balance and continue to expand our vision for the future as we explore their immense possibilities.'

The company sells a variety of products made from various types of mushrooms. Oregon has legalized psychedelic mushrooms in recent years. Some therapists believe that those mushrooms currently illegal in most states can help with clarity and mental anxiety.

The bars, food, and other items are not cheap.  However, have you ever heard of a 'functional mushroom' bar?  The company says they test everything on themselves before releasing them for public consumption.

"We use only mushroom fruiting bodies, no fillers.  Everything is tested by us, tested by our community, and re-tested by third-party labs for authenticity and efficacy. Our products combine optimal ratios of functional mushrooms with key complementary supplements that increase potency and bioavailability."

Death Cap Mushrooms from all Angles

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Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

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