I was absolutely disgusted when I first heard the story of a fake Uber driver luring a Nampa woman into their vehicle early this past Sunday morning. It was first reported by KIVI, but anyone that uses a ride-sharing app in the Treasure Valley should know about this.

Sarah Moriarity was enjoying an adult beverage at Denny's Lounge in Nampa, she then stepped outside and her life changed. There was a car parked right here, and that's when he leaned out of the window, and he said, "If you're waiting for Uber, I'm your driver". While Sarah did call for an Uber, this was not her driver. Without checking the app for the driver or vehicle information Sarah got in the car.

The driver said his app was working correctly, so he asked Sarah for her destination. It was about this time that Sarah realized how dangerous the situation was. She texted her boyfriend immediately. At that point, her real Uber driver called, but she explained to that driver that she took a different Uber home. She didn't want the fake Uber driver to know she was on to him.

When they arrived at Sarah's destination, the driver said because the app wasn't working that the ride would be free. Luckily, she got out of the vehicle without being harmed. But he did also make comments during the ride like "You seem really sober for only being at the bar". Sarah responded with, "Yeah I wasn't really drinking that much".

Nampa Police says this is the first instance like this that they have heard of but to always check the app for the driver and vehicle information prior to getting in the vehicle. And remember Uber did implement their Panic feature that lets you call emergency dispatch in case something goes wrong.

Just hearing something like this makes me nervous about using the rideshare app, even though I have never had issues before. One thing is for sure, I will always make sure to pick up my wife if she is out with her friends instead of having her take an Uber home.

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