If you were recreating on the Boise River over the weekend you probably noticed more police patrols. The extra patrols were due to an increase in issues lately everything from bringing alcohol to bridge jumping even fights breaking out. Which is crazy to me, aren't we all going to enjoy the Boise river and have fun? Leave the attitude at home.

As most people know there are no open containers of alcohol allowed within 250 feet of the Boise River. If you do enjoy an adult beverage before or after spending time on the water please make sure you have a DD to get you home. Driving even after one beer is not a good idea. And everyone knows that grabbing an Uber is way cheaper than a DUI.

Our law enforcement officers were also reminding people to be safe on the water as it is very unforgiving. Having a life jacket is always the best way to be safe. All adventure seekers jumping off bridges need to remember that you must be 50 feet away from people floating by. There have been many accidents from bridge jumping just be careful out there.

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