Tortured spirits, demons, poltergeists...

local lore has it that the Gem State is home to all kinds of unearthly entities. Perhaps it's time the tourists were warned of the mythical monsters, discontented Native American spirits, and gargantuan water serpents lurking in the lakes and mountains they so love to explore...alone.



Who doesn't love swapping scary stories around the fire?

If you don't, it's probably best you RSVP "no" to our late-night barbeques and bonfires this summer. Call us gluttons for fear, but we can't get enough of the stories that make us second-guess everything that goes bump in the night.

We're excited by the prospect of exploring our primal fears. At least until we're alone and face-to-face with a mirror in a dark room at 3am (Google, it) 😳


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Supernatural beings, inexplicable phenomenons...

unsolved mysteries and murders—all of it makes for fearfully fun fodder.

They make a meal out of our deepest fears and secret insecurities.  As strange as it sounds, it's a bonding experience to share our fear of what might find us in the dark or the terrifying thought that we might be be buried alive with our inner circle.

There's comfort in knowing that we're not alone and they're just as crazy as we are 😉

From Idaho's star-crossed lovers who drowned to death...

in search of one another, to the terrifying Pocatello babies locals say they hear screaming below the surface of the lake, prepare yourself for seven urban legends passed down from one Idaho generation to the next.

Scroll on for Idaho's 7 eeriest urban legends to share around the firepit. 

7 Eerie Idaho Urban Legends to Share Around the Bonfire

Tap tap into your friends' primal fears and anxieties with seven chilling Idaho urban legends at your next bonfire.

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The 15 Most Haunted Places In The Treasure Valley

The Boise area is full of ghosts! These are the 15 places that you are most likely going to have a run-in with the paranormal.

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Are Ghosts Scaring Buyers Away from an Eerie-Looking Boise Home?

Constructed in 1945, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home sits on nearly an acre of land and includes a separate, diminutive bonus home/lair.

The perks don't stop there – enjoy a brand-new roof, charming original hardwood flooring, and a kitchen that's been tastefully updated. Crowned with delightful cove ceilings, this home is all about the good vibes.

And hey, we can't say for sure whether the two fireplaces and spacious basement have hosted any dark rituals, but there's absolutely no reason to rule out their potential for some fabulous home entertainment.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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