My wife isn't going to be happy about this because who's going to cover the red carpet. Oh, we're not having anymore. What about interviews? Yea, none of those anymore either.

I've been watching late-night television and everyone is still at home. Caught Kelly and Ryan this morning and all from home still. We don't even have a window that gives us some type of timeline. Goodbye E! News.

We don't have to really worry about red carpets since everything is being held from home. Movie theaters are barely opening and Disney's Mulan will debut on Disney+ for $30. You can see where this is going right.

Popular host Giuliana Rancic announced leaving the show anyways and things looked like more changes were to come. COVID-19 didn't help their cause. NBCUniversal drops E! News, Pop of the Morning and In the Room.

Celebrities are stuck in a bubble and that means nothing really excited to discuss. No movies are being made and everything is just moving along, kinda. I'm sure the Kardashians will just run all day long! My wife will definitely love that and as long as Scott is on you got me!

I'm sure some of these things will come back once we're back as a country but who knows when that will be. It looks like NBC is joining so many companies and restructuring staff.



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