I once heard a saying in reference to sunsets: "Whenever an artist dies, God let's them paint the sky one last time" and I think that's just so lovely. Sunsets viewed from anywhere around the world are always gorgeous. It's hard not to be biased though about where the BEST sunsets are found.

I grew up in Indiana and "Indiana sunsets" were always a thing. The sun setting over a cornfield is actually more beautiful than it sounds. However since moving to Idaho I can openly admit that Idaho sunsets are even more beautiful. The way the clouds texturize the sky, the mountainous backdrop, and all of the different soft but vibrant colors make up such a heavenly sight.

A part from from being from the Midwest I've traveled everywhere from Los Angeles, California to Portland, Maine; from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida. I've seen a few sunsets in my day.

In my unbiased opinion, I'd have to say the west is the best in the sunset category. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and even Utah, Washington, and Idaho have some remarkable skies in the evening! You know the kind of skies that inspire all types of romantic poetry and songs.

The only state that can compete outside of the west is probably Florida, of course this is if  we're only talking about the continental United States; I think we can all agree that Hawaii probably takes the sunset crown if we want to include it.

Where do you think the best sunsets can be found?


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