As I walked into Albertsons this morning, I noticed that the sign posted outside the main door had changed. Last year, most local and national retail outlets, including Albertsons and Fred Meyer, required masks, even when no mask order was in place.

More recently, the signs outside these stores had changed. Fred Meyer was the first that I saw to post, "Masks not required for fully vaccinated individuals." It was not long after that Albertsons followed suit with a sign that read, "Mask encouraged for non-vaccinated customers."

Marco/TSM Boise

While the vaccination rates in the state are relatively low compared to the rest of the country, there is rarely a mask to be seen at any business in the Treasure Valley. Without the ability to check vaccination cards at the door, there is no way to manage a mandate for masks for those who aren't vaccinated. Now, with COVID numbers rising to all-time highs, many businesses are once again requiring their employees to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status.

Has the policy at these stores now changed for customers as it has for their employees? Not according to the employees that I asked at the Parkcenter Albertsons. I was told that masks are "not required for fully vaccinated customers." The policy that is now stated outside the door seems to be a little different.

Marco/TSM Boise

While not entirely requiring masks, the sign in front of all Treasure Valey Albertsons stores now reads, "Per CDC guidance, maks encouraged for all customers..." Fred Meyer's sign has also changed to say, "Masks strongly encouraged for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals."

Marco TSM/Boise

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