Idaho is an amazing place to live. I can see it more now that I've lived in so many other states. With the weather getting warmer some of my favorite hot spots for summer vacation are starting to see even more foot traffic. The great Gem State has so much to offer! I remember growing up and taking the vacations up North and spending some time on the lake, riding bikes and exploring the outdoors.

Central Idaho offers more to families and the experienced Outdoor man.

How do you make your memories? Maybe it's traveling to the Southwestern part of the state. Fall into the beauty of the landscape and get lost in everything IDAHO.

I still to this day remember the first Rainbow Trout I caught on the South Fork of the Snake River when my Grandpa and I went fishing. These are just the tip of the Idaho Vacation Iceberg in the Eastern part of the state.

What ever your Summer Vacation holds for you and your family Idaho is waiting for you. This is going to be one amazing summer, and I can't wait to take my family out on a new adventure. What are some of the BEST places to visit before the school year starts again.- JD

The videos above were shot for Visit Idaho's YouTube channel and wow they are amazing. Tourism in the state has seen a steady increase in the last few years. Seeing Idaho on the small screen is becoming more and more a norm, but seeing it on the big screen still gives me chills. Early tonight Discover Idaho a feature length documentary film debuted at the Egyptian Theater. Way To Go Idaho. Gosh I love this state. Here is Jeff's blog about the event.

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