Whether we agree with the statement or not, we've all heard of the phrase 'the separation of church and state.' We won't bother you with the history or its relevance in today's world. However, the term has been used to remove bibles and God from schools and create a more secular nation. One town in Idaho is now challenging that concept by creating a 'Christian only town,' reports The Guardian. 

A theocracy in Idaho? That's what the publication says is happening in Moscow, Idaho. The Guardian reports that members of the Christ Church have vowed to make Idaho a 'Christian City.'  

The report details how the church plans to transform the city.  "Church figures have browbeaten elected officials over Covid restrictions, built powerful institutions in parallel to secular government, harassed perceived opponents, and accumulated land and businesses in pursuit of a long-term goal of transforming America into a nation ruled according to its own, ultra-conservative moral precepts."


Do the tactics above sound like anything different from the growing activist networks that continue to grow in Idaho? Sure the headline grabs everyone's attention, and we're sure our friends in the national media will once again condemn Idaho. Moscow is home to the University of Idaho, which has a lot of different diverse values, including liberal values. The area has seen several incidents that have drawn the interest of the press.  

Could one church eliminate all religions? It isn't very likely regardless of how the citizens choose to live their lives. Joe Biden and his acolytes wouldn't allow that to happen in his America. Perhaps the story would have more credibility if more folks from Moscow were interviewed for their perspective on their city's direction?

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