Conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita are taking TikTok by storm. The pair have answered all of your burning questions about what life is like for two people to be connected to one another.

In a recent interview with Jubilee, the 21-year-old sisters answered frequently asked questions that they get from strangers. Lupita and Carmen revealed that they are connected at the torso, where they share a pelvis and reproductive system. The women have two separate hearts and stomaches, despite their digestive tracks being shared. At the age of four, they were told that they could not be separated.

"We don't share a brain obviously," Carmen quipped.

One person asked if their physical sensations are shared or not. "Our own sides are our own sides," Lupita clarified. So if stung by a bee, the only sister that would feel it is the one on the side of the bee sting.

As for romance, Lupita is "asexual and romantic" while Carmen has a long-term boyfriend that she met off of Hinge. Carmen is currently in college while both are studying to get jobs in the veterinary field.

In terms of clothing, they purchase two shirts and have a seamstress who sews them together to complete their outfits. Growing up, Carmen and Lupita would cheat off of each other in school until third grade when they actually put a curtain between the two of them for a short time. They also revealed that they drive through Carmen controlling the steering wheel and gas while Lupita handles the turn signals and DJ.

The most annoying question that they get asked is, "If one goes to jail, does that mean the other one has to sit in jail too?" Another aspect that comes with the territory is that people out in public will take photos of them without asking Carmen or Lupita.

The sisters have gone viral on TikTok with 2.9 million followers and over 78.7 million likes. Their TikTok bio reads, "Not a Q&A account. Either google it, watch our yt channel, or keep wondering."

Lupita and Carmen's content ranges from their takes on popular trends to speaking about their personal lives all while becoming the budding comedians.

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