What? Let's start by saying that this story is sad especially when it is about losing someone. That's my disclaimer because this Tiger King saga just got a little bit crazy. Let's catch you up on Dancing with the Stars, Tiger King, Carol Baskins, and Carol's missing husband's family.

Dancing with the Stars just debuted with a brand new cast and host to launch the new season. Netflix's "Tiger King" Carole Baskin was one of the many celebrity dancers on the show. We have a twist.

Quick Summary: Carole Baskin is the widow of Don Lewis who the Tiger King said his wife killed him. Tiger King supposedly paid for a hit on Carole and TK is in jail. Carole also took over Tiger's zoo estate and the list goes on.

During Dancing with the Stars premiere on Monday night we were shocked by a missing person commercial offering a $100,000 reward for information to the truth. The family in this commercial was Carole Basksin's ex-sister-in-laws! It was a commercial against Carole Baskin in which they all believe she had her husband killed. They want answers and dropped a $100,000 reward.

You can watch and be the judge.

This is actually a serious situation but you have to remember we all watched this Netflix special not knowing this. We still don't really know what happened, but the Tiger King is in prison. That's a fact.

There is a new special coming very soon and this story is far from over. I would have to thing publishers knew this was going to play and nobody said a word because of this reason. We're talking about Dancing with the Stars right now.

The reward is $100,000. That seems like a real message right there and this leaves us to wonder one more thing. Will there be another commercial?

I wonder if Tiger has posted anything from prison yet? Stay tuned...

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