Idaho is America's fastest-growing state and has been the subject of numerous awards. When it comes to the Treasure Valley, we often read or hear about the accolades of Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. However, Caldwell is now in the spotlight thanks to an in-depth report from the Deseret News.  

The city of Caldwell has worked extremely hard to market itself to folks looking for a more affordable alternative to Boise or Meridian. The city invested in infrastructure that has been used to attract major businesses as well as entertainment areas such as Indian Creek Plaza. Years ago, Caldwell featured a deserted downtown, and folks would do their shopping in Nampa or Meridian. Today, the Indian Creek Plaza is home to weekly events and winter ice skating. The area's lights rival any display throughout the Treasure Valley.

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Caldwell Idaho's Growing Pains

Caldwell Idaho is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. A look at the attractions that draw thousands to Caldwell.

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Caldwell will elect a new mayor this year as Mayor Nancolas retires after more than thirty years on the job. He's credited with rebuilding the city and attracting major employers such as the food processing plants and commercial parks that are now being built.  

Caldwell, like other cities in Idaho, has a finite source of water. We all experienced those limitations this summer. Could such restrictions on water stop growth in Caldwell and other cities in Idaho?

From the Deseret News:

"But Caldwell might one day have no choice but to impose a new moratorium, Mayor Nancolas says, this time to preserve its water supply. The aquifer Caldwell relies on is abundant, but low rivers and reservoirs mean that it's not being recharged, he says. And in July, the city's water system came perilously close to failing to meet demand from its expanding population due to record heat."

Caldwell's Winter Wonderland Festival Lights

Five Driving Rules Idahoans Should Adopt

Yes, living in the Treasure Valley is great however sometimes it can just take being "rubbed" the wrong way on our streets to completely throw you off for the day. Road rage, as we have seen from recent viral TikTok posts, is REAL here in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes, we get so used to streets not being busy that when they are, we go a little crazy. This is the case from the freeway, as well. According to a local driving group, this graphic sums up a list of rules that Idaho drivers need to pay attention to. What do you think?

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See Everything There is To Do at The Farmstead Pumpkin Patch in Kuna, Idaho

Lowe Family Farmstead has been around for decades and as you can tell when you go there has been well cared for. Adults and kids were all happily wore out by the time we wrapped things up and headed toward the exit. I had no idea all of the fun and adventurous activities that were in store for us.

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