If you've always thought of Build-A-Bear Workshop as just for kids, the company's adults-only collection of stuffed animals will likely change your mind.

The toy company is catering to adults with its 18+ After Dark online collection.

"Who said stuffed animals were just for the kids? Why should they get to have all the fun?" the After Dark page reads. "The Build-A-Bear stuffed animal gift collection has something for everyone—including stuffed animals for adults who are just kids at heart."

"Wink, wink –our Giftshop is full of gifts for adults too! Shop Build-A-Bear After Dark for unique gift ideas that are sure to get you hugged," reads a social media announcement from the company about the collection, which recently recirculated on Facebook.

The line isn't nearly as spicy as the 18+ age requirement implies, though it does include a few suggestively dressed critters, including a lion wearing satin boxer briefs holding a glass of champagne, as well as a teddy bear wearing nothing but a heart-shaped hat and underwear. (Some of the plushies are U.K. exclusives.)

The more likely reason for the age limit is the collection's inclusion of alcohol-related accessories and slogans.

One dog plushie holds a glass of red wine and wears a shirt that reads "It's Wine O' Clock Somewhere," while some other stuffed animals come with plush hard seltzer, if that's more your thing.

See some plushies from Build-A-Bear's cheeky After Dark line, below:

Take a Look at Build-A-Bear's After Dark Collection

Naturally, social media users have had a field day with the new furry friends.

While some fans were expecting more, uh, explicit gifts, many were pleasantly surprised by the plushies for grown-ups — while others felt a bit let down.

See reactions to Build-A-Bear's After Dark line, below:

If you really want to go the extra mile for your significant other, you can also purchase the Red Velvet Sparkle Build-A-Bear Collectible teddy gift set, which features Swarovski crystals and costs $111.00.

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