The uniforms are blue, the field is blue, and fans like you and me paint our faces blue sometimes to show that we're die hards. But the color blue is about to take on a whole new meaning for the Boise State Broncos, and it's another reason to love 'em.

When the Broncos kick off their season on September 2nd against Troy, they'll be bringing a "blue collar attitude" with them.

The Idaho Statesman points out the renewed focus on hard work and mental toughness comes after a bit of a drought, with a 5-5 record in the Mountain Division over the last two years and what could be a three-year stretch without a conference title.

This spring and summer the coaches have been driving home the blue collar philosophy, hoping that will help the team stick to basics and perfect the fundamentals.  The new uniforms this season will be shiny and glitzy and may make the cover of Vogue, but the coaching staff doesn't want the players feeling too fancy about all that.  They'll be focused on the little, necessary things that build a team from the bottom up.

The Broncos kick off the season September 2nd at home against Troy, and then hit the road the following week to take on Washington State, and then they're home the third week to take on New Mexico.  We ready for football and snacks and team spirit and drums and everything else that goes into the college football atmosphere.

Oh, and when do we get revenge on those Wyoming Cowboys after the upset last year?  That's October 21st, in Boise.  Well be tailgating for that one, with some burgers, chips, and a lil blue collar attitude.

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