Acting BPD Chief Ron Winegar: "I have personally never seen a crowd that size (estimates are upwards of 5000 people or more), gathered around the Capitol for any event in my 26+ years as a Boise Police Officer."

I shared my experience at Tuesday's George Floyd Vigil in an article yesterday, and now the Boise Police Department is thanking the event's organizers and attendees.


A video from the event has gone viral on twitter, being shared by celebrities, including Ice-T.

Now, I've only been living in the Treasure Valley for a few months, but I will say, I was very proud to take part in this peaceful event and I'm proud to be a part of this amazing community. The people, the police, it's a wonderful place to be in such a chaotic, tumultuous time in this country.

Winegar also mentioned that while some tensions flared after the event between some, it never escalated to any level where any arrest needed to be made.



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