Maybe you heard that starting in 2016, the Boise Open will move to a new spot on the calendar, and there will be more money up for grabs.

Beautiful weather and big bucks...what pro golfer wouldn't want that?  And mingling in the clubhouse is fun for the rest of us.  It's a culture.

Moving the Boise Open to September starting in 2016 puts it as one of the four final events on the tour, when golfers are giving it their last charge of the season to end on a high note in the rankings.  And the new $1 million purse will be tied for the largest pot on the tour.

This year's Albertsons Boise Open is underway at Hillcrest Country Club and continues through Sunday.

Golf tournaments always attract everyone from the Saturday-golfing dads, to single ladies wanting to put on their cutest dress and find themselves a husband!  It's the social spot of the week.  Good luck ladies!  Oh, and golfers too.

And the Boise Open is about to become an even bigger deal.

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