I did something different for lunch today.  I packed a couple snacks as I usually would, but instead of eating at my desk, I went out the car and took a nap.  It was awesome. 

You've probably heard efficiency experts and "new-age" workplace consultants recommend the idea of taking a mid-day nap.  Today, I just needed to try it.  I realized we have a really nap-friendly city in Boise.

Since our office doesn't have a private quiet room, I decided to use my car.  I had parked under the shade of a tree, put the seat back, dropped the windows, and just enjoyed some quiet with a nice breeze.

It was awesome.  It was only 25 minutes, but it was peaceful and left me feeling much better for the second half of the day.  We have areas by the Greenbelt, tons of trees and parks, and really have a great city to grab a mid-day nap.

I'm not just making this up.  Success Coach Michael Hyatt highlights these 5 reasons to nap during your day.


  • A nap restores alertness.
  • A nap prevents burnout.
  • A nap heightens sensory perception.
  • A nap reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • A nap makes you more productive.

To read more about those 5 reasons and additional background from Michael Hyatt, just click HERE.