From chugging Ocean Spray along the freeway to wearing a massive hat made from pool-noodles for social distancing-- Idaho has had several online sensations.

Perhaps Idaho's next Instagram star is this "twerkin' nurse"!?

Boise Internet Loves Idaho's 'Twerking Nurse'

Sometimes it is the little things that make us smile the most and lighten the mood. When we came across this video of a twerking, boxing, dancing nurse-- little did we know that it was actually a local HERO--right here in the Treasure Valley.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

So what's the story behind the video that we saw all over Instagram last night? 

If you didn't already know this--this week is National Nurses Week and it's a really great time to reach out and thank a nurse in your life. As always, nurses alongside medical professionals of all fields are HEROES in our community and work to keep us healthy. After the last two years navigating an unprecedented pandemic, we owe more to our nurses now more than ever.

Believe it or not--when not at the hospital, this nurse is a fitness instructor at Dope Boxing Studio near downtown Boise.

We reached out to Dope Boxing Studio to see what the story was and owner, Melissa Levick said:

This is Tina, my lead coach and our Vibe Check Officer, and a freaking HOOT of a human being. She’s also a kick ass nurse obviously

So why the video!?

Dope Boxing Studio is doing something BIG for nurses--all week, your boxing is FREE. 

Levick also added that all memberships are 15% off for any healthcare workers this week as well.

Want to see the video for yourself? Check it out below:



We appreciate Dope Boxing Studio going the extra mile for those who do the same for us--every day!

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