Boise had a rough go of it in spring 2023. 

On average, the National Weather Service reports the Boise area gets about 11.7 inches of rain annually. But in spring 2023, the area picked up an additional two inches of showers preceded by an unexpected 30+ inches of snow during the cold months.

As Boise emerged from what KTVB reported was the fifth snowiest March on record, the higher-than-normal snowfall combined with the uptick in rain caused widespread flooding up and down the Boise River.

As April temperatures warmed and spring runoff increased throughout the Treasure Valley, river overflow posed a serious threat to both residents and wildlife.

Several stretches of the Boise Greenbelt were closed, intermittent torrential downpours flooded Boise surface streets, and thousands of residents feared for their river adjacent homes and properties.

Photo by Phillip Flores on Unsplash
Photo by Phillip Flores on Unsplash

Will the Boise area see more flooding in spring 2024?

Winter 2024 got off to a slow start in Boise with the first round of flurries arriving January 3. In all, the area took in just 22.1 inches of snow according to Idaho Press reports. Arguably not so bad compared to last winter.

As of March 1, the Natural Resources Conservation Service reported the Boise River system was experiencing above-normal storage at 121%, meaning it was 73% full.

Spring flooding typically occurs with persistent, above-average temperatures combined with what the National Weather Service refers to as "rain on snow precipitation events."

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While the Boise area has experienced minor street flooding and ponding in low-lying areas, the absence of those markers suggests the flood risks in central and northern Idaho are low. Still, even if mainstem rivers don't flood, it's possible for smaller creeks and streams to overflow their banks.

Will the Boise River flood this Eagle, Idaho community again in 2024?

In spring 2023, dozens of residents of the Riverstone community in Eagle, Idaho watched as the Boise River overtook their yards and patios, resulting in a sudden increase of groundwater levels that caused the neighborhood's unlined, man-made lakes to flood.

For now, the Eagle community 14 miles southwest of Boise doesn't appear to be a flood risk, but that's not a guarantee.

Scroll for 16 unbelievable photos of the flooded Eagle community from 2023. 

Is the Boise River About to Flood this Eagle Neighborhood?

What you're about to see isn't a waterfront community in Eagle. Unfortunately, that changed for a few weeks after last year's rainy season put large portions of it one to three feet under the Boise River.

The photos below show how fast the community flooded in 2023. Is history about to repeat itself?

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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