2022, The Year of Green

BOISE, Idaho. In case you missed it, 2022 was the year of green.

From homeowners to homebuilders, last year's Harris Pole showed 62% of Americans would introduce a green color scheme into their home.

But why? What made green the go-to color of 2022? Sue Wadden from Sherwin-Williams has the answer.

Green has become such a popular color because people are wanting to add life to their spaces and bring nature inside. We went from seeing bolder, jewel-toned colors trending the past couple of years to seeing warmer, nature-inspired hues trending in 2021 and into 2022.

—Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams


The Grand Green Buy-In

Don't be fooled. Wadden and Sherwin-Williams were more than messengers. They were ambassadors.

Last year, Builder Insights reported Sherwin-Williams' color of the year was Evergreen Fog. And the swatch didn't stop with Sherwin-Williams; other brands jumped aboard the secondary color's bandwagon.

  • PPG played up their nature-inspired shade of green named Olive Spring.
  • Behr Paint Co. went big with Breezeway.
  • Valspar was all about Blanched Thyme.
  • Benjamin Moore's color color of the year was October Mist.
  • And Guacamole green stole the show at Glidden.

Did COVID-19 Spark the Green Frenzy?

Wadden suggests COVID-19 and the shade of green share a unique connection. Honestly, we see the sense there.

When the world was locked down, masked, and quarantined, many of us harbored a longing to break from the mile-long list of restrictive conventions thrust upon us. We needed the comforts only nature could provide.

Natural greens help us refocus on our physical and mental well-being. This shade promotes a space that is grounding, inside and out. —Wadden



Two years later, life has moved on, but COVID-19's memory remains everlasting. Might this be the reason these Boise homeowners over-did it on the green? We can't help but wonder. Maybe they just really, really, really—like, really—love green.

Scroll on to check out the greenest home in Boise!

🐸 Boise Home Way Overdoes It On The Green Paint

BOISE, Idaho. In case you missed it, 2022 was the year of green.

From homeowners to homebuilders, last year's Harris Pole showed 62% of Americans would introduce a green color scheme into their home.

Scroll on to check out the greenest paint job we've ever seen in Boise.

😍 SOLD! A Boise Bench Home Straight Out of the '90s

The final decade of the last Millennium has people reminiscing and partying like it's 1999

From music and movies, to fashion and pop culture, 2022 is rife with hella cool '90s nostalgia with no signs of stopping. Its latest conquest is the 2022 housing market and home design! Droves of prospective homebuyers in Idaho and around the country are searching for the back-to-the-basics vibe of '90s home design.

This is why it comes as no surprise that this '90s Boise Bench home listing stole our hearts. Scroll through our gallery of pics for a trip down memory lane. Could this '90s house become your next Boise home?

PS, We probably had a little too much fun with the captions, but whateverrr!

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💎 The Verona floor plan at The Pinnacle in Harris North

The minimalist home and resident are built for minimizing distraction to maximize life's joys and opportunities.

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