The boys of the Summer are back, Memorial Stadium has added a few perfect last minute touches before the season begins and now put this important date on your calendar....The Ballpark Brewfest. 

Honestly, after the upgrade to the scoreboard last week, I thought the season would be perfectly set but I was wrong. Although the official word was dropped back in May the Boise Ballpark Brewfest will be on of THE official summer hotspots before Boise Music Festival steals the show June 24th next door at Expo Idaho (get your tickets right now by clicking here) The fizzy pops, and adult beverages from around the land will wet the whistle of many a Treasure Vallery residents June 17th at Memorial Stadium from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

The Purple Porch

Boise has had to play second fiddle our bigger brew town neighbors to the Northwest, but in my humble opinion is quickly making a name for ourselves with local dispensers and breweries putting out some freaking great beer.  According to the Boise Hawks press release from May and their website (, a treasure trove of local establishments will be on hand. Craig Stein Distributors, Payette Brewing, Mother Earth Brewing, Boise Brewing and Sockeye Brewing to name a few.

Admission to the event this week will put you back under $20 bucks to get through the gates and is a 21 and over event. And the festival will get you a hooked up with a free Brewfest Mug and 6 beers to start your evening off. So let's all get going to Memorial Stadium not only to root on the Hawks but also for some tasty beverages that will hit the spot after a long summer's day. I can just hear the snap of the beer cans popping open now. Ahhhhhhh. Here is to a great summer! - JD