Meet Boise's Oddest Odd Couple

Situated off State Street on the West end of Boise is an odd coupling like no other: a funeral home adjacent to a senior living community. 

The two share a parking lot, and according to our ballpark guestimation, there can't be more than a 150 feet between the facilities. But wait, it's get better. The facilities neighbor The Human Bean, an Oregon-based company with franchises across the Treasure Valley. 

Who doesn't love a little dark humor?

For those of us with a more twisted, borderline macabre sense of humor, the arrangement's almost too good to be true. If you think that makes us sound a bit cold and callous,we're not. 

Is it possible the bizarre layout could mess with some of the senior community's residents? Sure. If that were the case, however, why elect to live in the community in the first place? 

You could argue some of the residents were forced to live half a football field away from a funeral home. But how are any of us to know that? 

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It's a quick layover between the end of the line & the undertaker. 

Nice, right? At the end of the day, or really, the end of a life, it makes sense the two would be built in close proximity to another (and a convenient drive-thru coffee shop). 

Heck, we'd consider it a win to live out our golden years a stone's throw away from our future undertaker. They may not admit it until we're packing material, but our families would probably benefit the most from the deal. 

Who wouldn't want to spare their loved ones from the hassle and headache of funeral arrangements?

Scroll for pics of Boise's oddest odd couple in the gallery below. 

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