Sorry, dog parents. You can't walk your fur child here. 

For many Idahoans, dogs are family. We love and raise them as our own. Whether we're at a dog-friendly Boise brewery, running errands, or taking an evening stroll, our dogs go where we go. We feel strongly about including our dogs in our daily routines and activities.

But when it comes to walking our dogs through the peace groves of Boise cemeteries,  the city doesn't share the same sentiment.

Breaking Boise Law On an Early-Morning Dog Walk

We had just finished an early morning walk with our two labs through Morris Hill Cemetery on Latah when a Boise Police cruiser pulled up beside us. As he rolled down the window, we smiled and greeted him with a warm hello, unsure of why he approached us.

That's when he informed us we had broken Boise law by walking our dogs through a city cemetery.

Domestic pets, other than service animals, shall not be permitted on cemetery grounds or in any cemetery buildings.

-City of Boise

Stunned, we apologized and explained we had no idea it was illegal. He could have ticketed us for the unintentional offense, but the officer believed us and let us off with a laidback verbal warning.

Just before he pulled away, he added that before he moved to Boise 30 years ago, he too used to walk his dogs through cemeteries in his old hometown. If not for people who let their dogs defecate and urinate on gravestones, Boise officials might not have outlawed walking dogs through cemeteries.

And we don't blame them 😳

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