Congratulations on being a part of St. Luke's FitOne this year!  Now, Billy & Charene want to give you the inside info on how to win up to $5000 three times every weekday. 

Just check out Mix 106 weekday mornings at 6:15 and 7:15.  Billy & Charene will tell you what hours to listen for their Mix 106 Cash Codes throughout your workday.  When you hear them, grab the code, enter it at, and you could win up to $5000.

It's really that easy.

If you want an even better chance to win, download the Mix 106 Mobile App.  We'll send an alert every day to give you the exact 15-minute window when you can get your Mix 106 Cash Does.

Maybe it's a vacation.  Maybe it's paying off some bills.  Whatever you choose to do, it's a little more fun to have $5000 to spend, and Billy and Charene want to give you that opportunity.

Check them out weekday mornings 5:30 - 10:00am, on Mix 106.

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