This is your chance to go home with a keg of beer from Lost Grove Brewing. It's easy and simple to be involved, just make sure you have that Mix 106 app downloaded!

This would be a perfect treat for that backyard BBQ to have a keg from Lost Grove, just in time for the nice weather. Remember you must be 21 to play. Here is how to play the Easter Keg Hunt 2019:

Have the Mix 106 app downloaded and when you open the app you will see the scavenger icon.


That is where you are going to be playing to win. You will see 6 locations throughout the Treasure Valley, go to those locations, take a selfie and upload that to app for that location, now they are specific locations so for example if you were at Quinn's pond and took a selfie that won't work for the Boise Whitewater Park, that's near the pond and you will see construction there, it just needs to be near the whitewater park though. ( Please do not go across the fence, the picture with the fence in background is needed, do not attempt to go into the whitewater construction zone).

You have go to these locations below and do the exact same thing: take a selfie and upload it. If you go to all locations and upload a photo then you are entered to win a FREE keg from Lost Grove Brewing and Mix 106 with some swag. PLUS we do have a bonus entry if you interact with us on the Mix 106 app through the DM (Direct to MIX) button which you will see near the scavenger button you are going to open to start the fun. Send us a message through the DM button on the app and you get an extra entry into the Billy and Charene Easter Keg Contest.

You will see a screen when you complete all six challenges. On Monday, April 22nd, we (Billy and Charene) will be selecting a random winner from all those that completed all challenges INCLUDING those extra entries for those that also sent us a DM on the app.

Each Challenge is worth 200 points for a total of 1200 points, make sure you are at 1200 and use that message us 

Included will be ability to get a tap for the keg, remember you must be 21 years old to play. 

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    Bogus Basin Lodge

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    Meridian Dog Park

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    Lucky Peak State Park

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    Boise Whitewater Park

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    Lake Lowell

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    Boise Greenbelt

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