Idaho on the Big Screen

Not that it happens a lot, but there's something thrilling about seeing Idaho pop up in a movie.

Call us a bunch of Gem State groupies, but it's more than entertainment. It's an affirmation that our state does, in fact, exist. That we're not Iowa. We're not one of the states in the middle. And there's more to us than potatoes and Californians seeking refuge from atrocious taxes. 

Seeing Boise's skyline or familiar vistas like the Rockies and quaint small towns like Sun Valley evokes a sense of pride and belonging. It's like seeing an old friend in a crowd. There's a unique, heartfelt comfort in recognizing the contours and colors of state we call home.

So, see? It's not just about the movie itself or our state's name appearing in the bright lights. It's about showing the world our Idaho.

Scroll on for a look at the 9 best movies ever made in & about Idaho.

The 9 Best Films Ever Made About Life in Idaho

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Idaho has stories for days.

But Hollywood doesn't seem too interesting in telling them lately. More often than not, we're overshadowed by our more famous neighbors like California and Montana. Remember the Yellowstone craze that kicked off a few years ago? We're still dwarfed by the fictitious scandals on Dutton Ranch (*sigh*). 

As you can imagine, it's especially cool when a storyline weaves an Idaho mention into the mix. Take, for example, Adventures in Babysitting starring a 1980s Elizabeth Shue in the clip below. We were over-the-moon excited when we caught the reference a few years ago.

The world needs more movies about Idaho. 

Any local who's driven through or visited Preston, Idaho, where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed, can probably attest to how exciting it was to stand where the film was shot. But as you saw in the gallery above, it's a pretty short list after that.

What's up, Hollywood execs?

Idaho is every bit as cool, complex, beautiful, and interesting as any other state. Heck, maybe even more so. When's our next time to shine?  

Scroll on for movie locations filmed in Idaho & its surrounding states.

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