Some of the most beautiful campsites in the world are in the PNW.

With stunning scenery, endless outdoor activities, and night skies that will blow your mind, Idaho and Montana camping are practically unparalleled in every way.  

When you think of Idaho, you might envision potatoes and vast farmland.

While this is true, it's only part of the picture. The Gem State is a treasure trove of pristine, crystal-clear blue lakes, lush forests, and the majestic Sawtooth Mountains. It's a camping enthusiast's picturesque dream come true.

And who can forget about Big Sky Country? 

Montana is an iconic American camping destination for multiple reasons. Loved for its stunning views of big blue skies, rugged mountains, and untouched wilderness, it's a sanctuary for all who enter. While Yellowstone and Glacier National Park Yellowstone are two of its most famous destinations, every corner of the state offers unforgettable adventures.

Why wait? Plan your PNW camping trip ASAP. 


Combined, these elements make camping in Idaho and Montana the idyllic choice for adventures seeking tranquility and magical moments with friends and family. And it doesn't end there. The gallery below highlights the most incredible campsites in Idaho, Montana and eight neighboring states.

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  • The most beautiful campsites in Idaho, Montana & 8 neighboring states

  • If you have the nerve, you can camp in Idaho's most haunted forest

  • 8 popular campsites in Idaho & Washington locals are gatekeeping

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  • Watch your back when you're driving through these 15 Idaho counties

  • 10 things everyone should know before their first visit to Yellowstone

The Most Unique Camping Spots in Montana and Its Neighboring States

According to Love Exploring, these are the most unique camping spots in Montana, its neighboring states and California (because so many of our new neighbors are from there.) If you visit any of them, please be respectful and practice the seven Leave No Trace Principles.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Are You Brave Enough to Hike or Camp in Idaho's Haunted Forest?

If you like spooky and creepy adventures, this Idaho hike and campground is for you. 

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

The 8 Best Places To Go Camping in Washington & Idaho

Thrillist shared a list of the "Best Places To Camp In The Pacific Northwest," out of the 12, eight of them were in Washington and Idaho.

13 Things Idahoans Need to Pull Out of Their Hot Cars Right Now

Idaho summers aren't the hottest around, but don't let that fool you.

The Gem State hits triple-digit temps often enough for locals to regret leaving these 13 things in their cars during the hottest weeks of the year 😳

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela & Lori Crofford

Watch Your Back When You're Driving Through These 15 Idaho Counties

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

10 Things You Need To Know About Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park? Here are 10 things you need to know before you go!

Gallery Credit: jessejames

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  • 3 Idaho lakes that should be on every local's summer bucket list

  • A look at Idaho's 7 best, most beautiful beaches

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  • Got kids? Love the lake? This kid-friendly Idaho hike is for you

  • Rent an entire 18-bedroom lodge in the Sawtooth Mountains

3 Idaho Lakes That Deserve A Must Visit This Summer

If you're willing to put in the work, we've found some lakes that you might enjoy more than being surrounded by tourists. Some of these lakes you might need to hike to, but the view, the peacefulness, and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Idaho are all worth it. From the Sawtooth Mountains to the Panhandle, there are plenty of great lakes to enjoy.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

7 of the Best Beaches in Idaho

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

Enjoy The Lake At One Of The Best Kid-Friendly Hikes In Idaho

Ranked one of the best kid-friendly hikes in Idaho leads to beautiful lake and waterfall views. 

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Rent an Entire 18 Bedroom Lodge in the Sawtooth Mountains

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

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