During the latest LIVE w/ Cort & Ryan, my brother from another mother, Cort Freeman, chimed in to save me from a verbal faux pas he was certain I had made whilst exchanging witticisms with him.

The word was "Maldives."

Contrary to Freeman's spirited, in-the-moment appraisal of my Chicago accent, I had indeed correctly pronounced the exotic vacation destination as "maal-deevz."

Now despite the fact that Freeman had chuckled—and possibly even borderline heckled me over the perceived the error—I'm classy like Applebee's on a date night, so holding grudges just ain't my style.

All is forgiven, C-bro.

If you're wondering how I got from the "Maal-deevz" to "Boy-see," hear me out. Idaho's known for the unique names of its counties, cities, streets, and well, names.

Yes? Yes!

The "Maldives Incident of 2022," as it will be known henceforth, inspired me to do you a solid by ensuring you can properly pronounce the following Idaho-exclusives names. 'Tis all, dear friend.

Luhv, Ry-uhn

Are You Mispronouncing The Unique Names of These Idaho Places?

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