Couples That Are Meant for One Another

  • Milk and cookies
  • Netflix and chill
  • Bait and tackle
  • Eagle Road and traffic
  • Cat and Mouse
  • Idaho and ALLIGATORS?

If the last coupling strikes you as a major mismatch, hang on a sec.

To Answer the Question, Yes.

Alligators are, in fact, lurking in one of Idaho's wackiest tourist attractions. But! But! But! It's only because they live there!

Say what?!

Photo by // HeyLookeeHere via TripAdvisor
Photo by // HeyLookeeHere // TripAdvisor

It's 100% true. For several decades, the 75-80 degree temps of Buhl's Miracle Hot Springs have made an inviting home for one of nature's most notorious predators. Surprisingly, the seasonal conditions are just right, too. Hagerman Valley's mild winters coupled with scorching-hot summers fosters an ideal environment for the cold-blooded reptilians. 

Camping with Alligators

If alligators in Idaho piques your interest, what say you about camping with them? Friendly word of advice: look for before you sleep, friend! The campers at Miracle Hot Springs slumber just a stone's throw away from the Gem State's squamate reptiles.

Interested in staying overnight in a yurt'ish-like dome with alligator neighbors? Keep scrolling!

Photo by // Nick T. via Yelp
Photo by // Nick T. // Yelp

Miracle Hot Springs Fast Facts

  • The campground is a geothermal desert oasis.
  • It's pure, odorless mineral water has healing powers.
  • 138 degree mineral earth water heats the pool and five baths.
  • Spring water from the Snake River aquifer naturally cools the pool and bath.

To arrange accommodations for family-style or couples' camping at Miracle Hot Springs, click here.

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