Now that Halloween is over and we’re into November, are you ready for the holidays? Amazon is! They launched their Black Friday Deals Store yesterday! They post deals on everything from toys to electronics now through Black Friday.

Amazon will feature “Deals of the Day” with BIG discounts on all kinds of stuff! TV’s, pots & pans, dresses, a projector, and toys!

Not only that, Amazon launched a new augmented reality feature through their app that allows customers to see how larger items, like furniture, might look in your house before you buy! You take a picture of the room, say your living room. Then you go to something like a couch. You can insert the couch into your photo to see what it would look like. Whaaaat?!

Right now, they are just in the form of AR “stickers”. To  me, they don't look as realistic as I expected, but it's a cool feature for some bigger items, like furniture.

I tried it with a desk organizer in the Mix 106 studio and this is what I it looked like:

Nicole Hanks
Nicole Hanks

AR View in the Amazon app will only work on the iPhone 6S or higher, on devices running Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 11.

To try the feature, you’ll first tap on the camera icon in the Amazon app, then choose “AR View” from the menu that appears.

It's a great start and Amazon is headed in the right direction.

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