Community leaders still stand by their decision to change the way McCall celebrates Independence Day, by banning alcohol in beachfront and state parks. For the most part, they believe it was a positive move and beneficial for the town as a whole.

It did leave a lot of bars and restaurants suffering though, because people were under the impression that alcohol wasn’t allowed AT ALL. So this year, they want to make sure everyone understands the rules clearly.

If you're over 21, you ARE allowed to drink alcohol at non-lakefront city parks. And after some negative feedback, they’re loosening last year's boating restrictions on North Beach. They’re opening a 150-foot section to boats. Half of the beach is going to be a swimming area, and the other half will be a boating area.

A guide of events and festivities for all ages that starts tomorrow through July 9, can be found HERE!

Have fun, but be safe, smart, and responsible this holiday weekend!

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